Five Victoria’s Secret Angels’ Diet and Exercise Secrets

The luscious hair, blown kisses, toned thighs and boosted busts! Think it’s easy? Earning a spot on the dreamy Victoria’s Secret runway means a whole lot of sweating and sculpting to a point that’s almost impossible for mere mortals. Luckily, we’re happy just strutting our stuff on the beach. But there are a few secrets we can learn from these beauties that we can use in our own fitness routine. No wings required.

Most of the models eat a low GI non-processed diet 95% of the time. But we’re certainly not suggesting that. Remember: balance is the key to life!

Here are five diet and fitness tips from current and former VS models:

Miranda Kerr

80/20. That’s Miranda’s rule. 80% healthy, wholesome “good” food, and 20% indulgence “naughty” food. Miranda is an avid believer in good health and organic living and does her best to eat fresh organic produce. She also drinks warm water and lemon every morning. And, maybe you should, too!

Adriana Lima

Long-time Angel Adriana is all about portion control (use a smaller plate to eat, dude!). Her preferred exercises? Boxing and jumping rope to mix things up.

Elsa Hosk

Green is good. In fact, green juice is what keeps this Angel going. She also drinks warm water in the morning with ginger, cayenne and lemon juice to give her a kick-start. Also, no desserts before the big show!

P.S. Most of the Angels drink green juice after morning workouts. It keeps them energised and is filled with all their green goodness.

Jessica Hart

The Aussie bombshell that stole our hearts is one hard worker. On the lead up to the big show she worked out a lot, sometimes as much as three times a day. She also suggests swapping your cake and coffee date for something more physical with friends, like paddleboarding and volleyball.

Candice Swanepoel

Candice is the queen of discipline. She sticks to a healthy natural diet, but has no problem indulging in pasta and pizza from time to time. She believes there’s no reason to cut out an entire food group like carbs! It’s all about balance. As for workout routine, she includes boxing and pilates into her workout several times a week.