28 Day Guide Bundle


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28 Day Guide

Give us 28 minutes a day, for just 28 days – then watch your mirror as you rapidly tone up, strip fat and be as FitazFK! Rid yourself of bad habits, build foundations for a healthy lifestyle and look better than ever before!

*Disclaimer results are subject to adherence to the diet plan & exercise regime and may vary for different individuals


Doing the right training but can’t resist all the wrong foods? We understand! Let our cookbook come to your rescue – 30 delicious, nutritious recipes; step-by-step cooking instructions, and the perfect balance of macronutrients to get into shape and stay that way!

Weekend Guide

OK, train and eat like a saint 95% of the time, but you need the occasional blowout too, right? Enjoy our ‘been there, done that’ advice on takeaway options, smart ways to dine out and of course, everything you need to know about hangovers!

Proven Results

*Disclaimer, results may vary based on the individual





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