Meet FitazFk

Aaron and Georgio 

Over 30 years. That’s how much industry experience we have between the FitazFk team.

Whether we’re training clients who are new to the game, or skilled professionals, we work hard to provide current information and teach proven techniques in a simple and effective way. Ensuring we guide each person to achieving their optimum health and fitness. And while we understand the importance of training hard, we also understand the importance of fueling your body with the right food to get the most out of it. That’s why we believe in balanced diets, not fads.

Meet the trainers

The FK Method

The “FK Method” – style of training.

Based on the mechanics of Functional Kinetics, we take a natural approach to training; helping the body to function better, while toning muscles and reducing body fat. Aiming to improve flexibility, endurance, and strength.
What the fk does that mean? That we use the kind of exercises that help you reach the top shelf without pulling your neck, or run to catch the tram without straining your calf muscle.
We use every minute on the minute accountability. Again, what? That’s 5 minutes to warm up, 18 minutes of high intensity, and 5 minutes to cool down. 28 minutes in total. No fking around.
And because we don’t like excuses as much as we don’t like people telling us not to swear, our sessions can be done anywhere, with minimal equipment.